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Brass Rave Unit
unites, shakes
and roars         

It will have serendipity. It will maintain stamina and it will sweat. It has come forth to deliver ecstasy to the masses in dire need. It is musical brotherhood that challenges and defies expectations. It never rests and it appears when it is needed most.
Never too late, never too early.





New album coming Oct 2023

In the meantime listen to Turbulence

Turbulence is a statement about current state of affairs on the European continent, which seems to be jostled by the heady winds of xenophobia, right-wing nationalism, sexism and homophobia. Brass Rave Unit seeks to fanfare in a new sense of mission when it comes to uniting the counter-cultural elements to make Europe sexy again.

Studio recordings          

New album coming Oct 2023

Brass Rave Unit's epochal new album has been a decade in the making. It is a testament to their tireless pursuit of delivering electrifying music to their audiences. Whilst building steam in the past couple of years the trio of Ko, Bo and Dirk has been exploring just how much nighttime energy they could squeeze from their instruments.